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Clan Rule's & Information

How to earn "Promotions"

  • Be active try to log on everyday.
  • Be Involved try to be sociable and stay involved with clan discussions, being anti-social is no fun.
  • Donate troops it's very important to donate troops. Only donate troops that the clan member requests.
  • Don't beg no one likes people that go on power trips, people who constantly beg for promotions are annoying!!
  • Loyalty  the longer your with us, the more you will be trusted.

Clan war schedule

              Check our war schedule under event's.

Clan War Donations  

           The most ideal common troops to donate are

  • Dragons (high hp, and splash dps)
  • Wizards (high splash dps)
  • Archers (fast and mobile, can attack from behind walls)

Everyone may call-out whom they wish to attack during preparation day.
You are not GUARANTEED to get the target you called out.

Recruitment requirements (may change)

     Lv35+ or 1200+ trophy's may change

For more info contact me,  @jordan , or a Co-Leader/Elder.


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