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14th Sep 2014
20th Aug 2014

How to earn "Promotions"

  • Be active try to log on everyday.
  • Be Involved try to be sociable and stay involved with clan discussions, being anti-social is no fun.
  • Donate troops it's very important to donate troops. Only donate troops that the clan member requests.
  • Don't beg no one likes people that go on power trips, people who constantly beg for promotions are annoying!!
  • Loyalty  the longer your with us, the more you will be trusted.

Clan war schedule
Week 1: Mon-Wed
Week 2: Tue-Thur
Week 3: Wed-Sat
Week 4: Thur-Sun
Anarchy week: Back to back to back to back wars ( when voted for)
Break week: 1 war Wednesday( when voted for or it immediately follows anarchy week) Schedule repeats

Read more: http://impulseclashof.cla ... e.com/#ixzz3CvlGC5MI              Blank Blank Blank

Clan War Donations  

     The most ideal common troops to donate are

  • Dragons (high hp, and splash dps)
  • Wizards (high splash dps)
  • Archers (fast and mobile, can attack from behind walls)

     Everyone may call-out whom they wish to attack during preparation day.
You are not GUARANTEED to get the target you called out if you wait to long.

Recruitment requirements

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